Zombies Image Shows How Small TranZit Is By Today's Standards

Call of Duty Zombies’ TranZit map may have seemed gigantic back in the day, but as shown by a recent fan-made image, times have changed. Compared to Call of Duty Zombies’ new open-world offering Urzikstan, TranZit looks shockingly tiny.

TranZit has an interesting reputation among the CoD Zombies fan base. While it was widely regarded as the worst Zombies map ever released for a long time, many have recognized the potential that the concept had. The limited technology of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 meant that Treyarch was unable to recognize the grand vision it had for the map and was forced to implement annoying elements like fog, resulting in a visually unappealing map that was tedious to traverse. Still, with its entertaining bus mechanic that produced memorable gameplay moments and community memes like Bus Route B, as well as the small maps it spawned like Town, some remember it fondly.

At the time of its release, TranZit felt truly gigantic, with players getting lost within its corn fields as they searched for hidden areas like Nacht Der Untoten. However, the map seems shockingly small when placed on top of the current Modern Warfare 3 Zombies map called Urzikstan, something that is depicted in a Reddit post from collegetriscuit. While TranZit may have more intricate details within each of its areas due to its focused design as a round-based map, and many dislike how Urzikstan is just a reused Warzone area, the size difference is impressive nonetheless.

In the image, TranZit is added to the bottom left corner of the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies map, with the location pleased near Zaravan City. It keeps its signature lava-covered pathways and long roads that the bus is meant to follow, but shockingly, it is no larger than a single point of interest in a map with over 10 of them. Additionally, some of these areas like the aforementioned Zaravan City are full of interiors and multi-level buildings, with TranZit being mostly roads and some smaller structures like a farm house and Diner. Ultimately, the image serves the purpose of showing just how far technology has come.

Additionally, the photo reminds players how fun it would be to have classic CoD Zombies maps added onto large open-world locations like Urzikstan. After all, past Warzone maps like Verdansk 84 have incorporated areas from multiplayer maps, while Blackout has featured actual Zombies locations like Buried and Verruckt, so it is hardly out of the realm of possibility. Whether old school Zombies locations come to Urzikstan, future MWZ maps, or open-world modes that release years from now remains to be seen, but there would surely be interest in the idea based on this Reddit post’s comments.

As for whether a proper TranZit remake ever happens, it is hard to say. Zombies Chronicles 2 has been rumored in the past, but nothing has come of those reports, so fans will just have to continue hoping that Treyarch gets a second chance at TranZit.

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Source: https://gamerant.com/call-of-duty-zombies-tranzit-mw3-urzikstan-size-comparison/


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smaller and still more fun


yeah, by today's standards. but technology changes, so does games


I don't think many people thought Tranzit was the worst map.


Yeah but this was a very fun map either way !