Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's Xbox File Size Has Seemingly Leaked

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's file size has seemingly been leaked via the Xbox store, with a listing claiming it will be a massive game. Sparking Zero is the fourth mainline console entry in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, with this game dropping its Western moniker for its original Japanese subtitle. Earlier this December, Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft revealed the game's first trailer, which fans were blown away by. This trailer featured some of the characters in the game, along with showing off a slick anime art style modeled after Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Shortly after Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's announcement trailer, it was confirmed that the game would be developed for next-gen consoles and PC, releasing on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S via the Steam platform. Other details were shared by Sparking Zero's producer, such as the game running on Unreal Engine 5, allowing for more graphical detail. While there were a few rumors and leaks floating around Sparking Zero before, this newest one supposedly confirms the game's file size.

This detail was shared on Twitter by user Trenten Connell, who replied to a conversation regarding Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero about how the Xbox marketplace was recently updated, which included the game's file size. Trenten also provided a quick video regarding the game's file size, which showed a store page for Sparking Zero. According to this video, the Xbox Series X/S version of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will take up 77.88 GB of storage.

The screen from the video matches the look of the Xbox marketplace on the Xbox Series X/S console, with the details of the game being seemingly accurate, such as the publisher, developer, and description of the game being similar to what Bandai Namco has previously put out. Trenten and other users on Twitter speculate that this is metadata that was pushed out early that fans weren't meant to see, as evidenced by the current listing on the Xbox Store only showing the essential elements. Some speculated that since there was a full file size listed, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero could be scheduled to have a Closed Network Test soon.

For comparison’s sake, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot's file size was a little over 40 GB of storage, which makes sense considering its size as an open-world adventure. Another game that has similar fighting game mechanics to Sparking Zero, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, is roughly 20 GB of storage, with Xenoverse also containing Character Customization and RPG mechanics. Sparking Zero's file size supposedly being over double that of Kakarot's is rather surprising, which might stem from the size of Sparking Zero's roster, along with heavily detailed 3D arenas that the fights are in. However, the game's apparent file size should be taken with a grain of salt until more concrete information is provided from either Bandai Namco or Spike Chunsoft.

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nothing compared to what other games have been over the past year or so


That's nothing compared to most games anymore though.