Silent Hill: Townfall News Teased for 2024

Silent Hill: Townfall will get some proper news next year. The Silent Hill series is one of the most renowned horror franchises in gaming, but it has been missing from the public conscious for a decade now. The last actual game in the series was on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but Hideo Kojima was working on a new game in the series simply titled Silent Hills. It would've been released on the PS4 and there was even a legendary demo for it called PT which set the tone and atmosphere for the new game. It was deemed as one of the scariest games anyone had ever played at the time, but unfortunately, the full thing will never see the light of day. After that, the series went dark. In 2022, Konami confirmed it was reviving Silent Hill with several new games including a remake of Silent Hill 2 and a film adaptation of that same game.

One of the new games that was revealed is a game called Silent Hill: Townfall, but the trailer for it was pretty cryptic and it was difficult to determine anything of note from it. Not a single bit of news on the game was revealed this year, prompting concern from some fans. However, the developer No Code confirmed on Twitter that it will have more updates on the game in 2024. We have no idea to what extent that will be, but it should indicate that we are getting much closer to release. Hopefully, the game will release in 2024, but it seems more likely we'll get a proper first look and maybe a 2025 release window.

Silent Hill 2 remake was expected to have also released by now or at least have gotten some kind of news, but Konami has been silent on the game for a while. Either way, maybe we'll get another new Silent Hill event in early 2024 that gives us updates on all of these games and puts us closer to a full release. Only time will tell, but at least we are getting a bit more movement on the game

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well overdue a silent hill game

need a movie too fr


Rather of had a movie or something but this will be decent.


This looks pretty cool not gonna lie