Gloomwood Gets Fast-Travel, Improved Lighting and Textures

Developers Dillon Rogers and David Szymanski have announced a major new update for indie immersive sim Gloomwood. The update, dubbed The Mirror Realm, brings with it the eponymous new realm that players can visit to more easily revisit other places in Gloomwood.

As the announcement points out, the update essentially brings a fast-travel system to Gloomwood, despite the game not having any sort of in-game menu, HUD or UI once you start playing.

Along with the addition of The Mirror Realm, the update also brings with it improved lightmaps, as well as imporovements to various item and weapon textures throughout the game.

The update also brings with it completely optional new content celebrating Christmas in the form of levels with falling snow, where players can even pick up snowballs to throw. The update also adds festive hats to various creatures and enemies all over the game.

Released back in September 2022, Gloomwood is heavily inspired by classic immersive sims like Thief. The game features a hand-crafted city that allows for freeform exploration, including rooftops and even hidden passages.

Gloomwood is currently available on PC as an Early Access title.

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"currently available on PC as an Early Access title"

yeah, hope they release it for the consoles very soon

would love to play this :P


A rat in a Santa's hat lol reminds me of osrs anddd we should be getting that pet/boss soon