Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Online is Seemingly in the Works

We’ve known for a while now that Insomniac Games has been working on its multiplayer ambitions behind-the-scenes, and many have speculated that those ambitions may very well be attached to the series’ continuing efforts with the Spider-Man IP. That notion has been cemented further after Insomniac’s recent data breach, with leaked details suggesting that the studio might be working on an online component for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

One particular slide from a leaked internal presentation (shared on Reddit) presents a roadmap focused on Insomniac’s multiplayer plans, and reveals that the developer is (or at least was, at one point) planning Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Online for sometime in 2024, Marvel’s Wolverine Online for 2026, and Marvel’s X-Men Online for 2028 (though curiously, Marvel’s X-Men itself is targeting a 2030 release, according to a separate leaked slide). Their releases are dubbed “Multiplayer 1.0”, “Multiplayer 2.0”, and “Multiplayer 3.0” in the slide.

On top of that, a Reddit user has shared screenshots of alleged leaked code for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Online, while another has shared a hefty batch of concept art for the multiplayer experience, showcasing a number of different Spider-Heroes, villains, and more. It’s worth noting, however, that the leaks have also shed light on a cancelled online project titled Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Great Web, so there isn’t complete clarity on what exactly Insomniac’s current, concrete plans are where multiplayer is concerned.

Meanwhile, as revealed by Insomniac’s recent leaks, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 also has single player content planned for its 2024 post-launch roadmap, including three free DLCs.

As per leaked data, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has sold 6.1 million units as of mid-November, against a budget of a whopping $315 million.

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the online gameplay will be crazy as hell fr :D


Personally I think this would be sick.
Imagine thousands of Spider-Mans flying around the city!


Not sure I would like I like for these games but they could focus on an online only good marvel game.