THE FINALS Crosses 10 Million Players

Embark Studios’ THE FINALS, a free-to-play competitive multiplayer shooter, has reached ten million players (and counting). It shadow-dropped during The Game Awards on December 7th, meaning it reached this milestone in roughly over two weeks.

Available on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, THE FINALS sees three-player teams competing in objective-based game modes with fully destructible environments. Cashout involves finding a Vault and taking it to a cashout terminal, which must be defended from attacks to score. Quick Cash is more free-flowing, with multiple Vaults on a map and kills providing cash to deposit in terminals.

There are also Tournaments where players compete in quarters, semis and the titular Finals (with a ranked variant also available).

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wow! it's surely popular, especially over the hols


Pretty awesome to see the game growing !