The Day Before will shut down less than two months after its release

The Day Before will be shutting down in January, less than two months after its disastrous launch.

Once the most wishlisted game on Steam, it suffered multiple delays before finally releasing on December 7 to overwhelmingly negative user reviews.

Fntastic, the studio behind the controversial game, announced its closure just four days after The Day Before’s release, saying the title had “failed financially” and it lacked the funds to continue.

In an update posted on X today, publisher Mytona said The Day Before “will be retired and the servers will be turned off” on January 22, 2024.

“As previously communicated, Mytona, as the investor, has been working in collaboration with Steam to facilitate refunds for all game purchasers,” it added. “For any players that have not already had their purchase refunded, Steam will now proactively refund all remaining players.

“We extend our gratitude for the community’s support throughout the project’s life. Unfortunately, without a development team, we had no alternative choice but to officially close the project.

“We sincerely thank all our supporters throughout this journey and wish you all a happy holiday season.”

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people were stating it was too good to be true, and it was lmao

what a waste of time and effort


Oh wow sucks to see this even happen again