GTA 6 Has Already Earned an Award from PlayStation

Grand Theft Auto VI is already earning awards, despite the fact it's two years away from releasing! Grand Theft Auto VI is one of the most entertainment products in history, rivaling things like a new Star Wars movie, Avengers: Endgame, and other big cultural events. The last Grand Theft Auto game was released in 2013 and is the second best selling game of all-time. There's a huge audience for these games and players are hungry for more. Rockstar Games has developed a reputation for crafting the best games in the world thanks to its ability to have long development times and big budgets. There are few studios that can do what Rockstar Games is doing and it is all going to lead to GTA 6 being a very special game.

With that said, people are already recognizing this! PlayStation had a little awards ceremony on its blog which celebrated the best games of 2023, but it also included a section for games on the horizon. Following the reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI earlier this month, it became eligible to be nominated for PlayStation's Most Anticipated Game of 2024 and Beyond. Naturally, given the trailer set records with its viewership and has earned over 150 million views in just two weeks, fans are eager to see and play the game. PlayStation awarded GTA 6 with its Most Anticipated Game of 2024 and Beyond award and had the following to say about the game in its blog post.

"The debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI offered a tantalizing glimpse to the richness and next-gen visual splendor that'll await PS5 players when they visit Vice City," said PlayStation. "And by the record number of views that trailer has received to date, the city's population is set to explode when the game launches in 2025."

As of right now, we have no idea when the next trailer for GTA 6 will be. If we had to guess, the earliest opportunity would probably be this summer, but even then that may be too soon. Given the game isn't releasing until 2025, we may not hear about it until the end of 2024, roughly around fall. That tends to be the pattern Rockstar follows with its announcements and we can see that probably happening again. It's believed Rockstar Games will release GTA 6 in the spring of 2025, but there's always room for that to get pushed assuming the speculation isn't already incorrect.

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glad they've got an award already lmao


This game is going to put soo many others to shame on its release year !