PlayStation Reportedly Closing Another One of Its Studios

Documents leaked by Insomniac Games hackers reveal that Sony Interactive Entertainment might close another one of its PlayStation Studios. Sony apparently announced an impending closure as recently as November 9, but there’s no word on whether those plans have changed or not.

What we know about the state of PlayStation Studios
As spotted by Kotaku, Sony has been asking its studios to cut costs, and even Insomniac Games wasn’t immune to the cuts despite the massive success of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. At one point, Insomniac discussed cutting “50-75 people strategically.” There were also concerns that laying off studio veterans may result in losing “institutional knowledge and leadership that is key for future titles.”

There is then a reference to a November 9 off-site meeting in which Sony mentions that “there will be one studio closure.” This meeting came after Sony shut down PixelOpus, so it remains to be seen which studio is facing closure, if plans for the cuts are still in place.

Some fans are speculating that Media Molecule might be on the chopping block. Despite being an acclaimed developer, the studio hasn’t released a high-performing title in recent years, and its ambitious endeavor, Dreams, didn’t fare well either despite positive reviews.

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such a pity, but if one has to close, it has to be the one with the lack of production


Damn and Sony has the good studios to