Sunset Overdrive PS4 or PS5 Release Is Highly Unlikely

Bloodborne Remake and Sunset Overdrive PS5, PS4 versions have one thing in common: they’re both probably never happening. In the case of the latter, documents leaked by Insomniac Games hackers confirm that although the studio owns the IP, its publishing rights remain with Microsoft.

Sunset Overdrive PS5, PS4 versions won’t happen unless Microsoft relinquishes publishing rights
Not only does Microsoft have publishing rights for the original Sunset Overdrive, it also maintains rights to publish at least two sequels and “any associated DLC, ports, and derivative games.” This agreement doesn’t seem to have an end date so the only two ways PlayStation owners might be able to get Sunset Overdrive is if Sony purchases publishing rights (assuming Microsoft is willing to sell) or if Microsoft relinquishes its rights.

We mention the latter because Sony is unlikely to fork out cash for publishing rights, considering Sunset Overdrive earned a whopping $567 profit. The company has far more successful games in its vault to spend money on, so we don’t foresee this being a consideration.

Perhaps Microsoft may be willing to publish Sunset Overdrive on multiple platforms, but given its commercial performance, that also seems unlikely. In fact, leaked documents suggest that Insomniac itself canceled plans for Sunset Overdrive 2 in favor of making Spider-Man for Sony. A year after its release, Sony acquired Insomniac.

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wouldn't see it for the PS4. but PS5, it could've been

more likely will release it as a PS6 version when the PS6 console comes out


We don't need another one on nex gen let's be honest