World of Warcraft Update Roadmaps for 2024 Detailed by Blizzard

Blizzard has unveiled its content update roadmap for both World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic for 2024. The roadmap includes major content updates for both titles, as well as the release of new expansions—The War Within for World of Warcraft, and Cataclysm for World of Warcraft Classic.

World of Warcraft, currently at the tail end of its Dragonflight expansion, will see three more major content updates before the release of The War Within. Winter will see the release of patch 10.2.5—Seeds of Renewal—which will essentially act as an epilogue to the expansion’s story. The update will also bring with it Worldwide Dragonriding, allowing players to use the new flying mount mechanics all over the game’s world instead of in just the Dragon Isles.

Following a secret update after Seeds of Renewal, Spring will see the launch of Season 4, which will have players revisit the raids of the Dragonflight expansion. Shortly afterwards, the game will get the 10.2.7 update, dubbed Dark Heart, which will bring new Harbinger quests, a new Holiday event, and Heritage Armor for Torll and Draenei players. The update will also bring back Timerunning.

Summer will see World of Warcraft get ready for The War Within, with the release of a pre-patch to prepare the game in terms of story and gameplay for the new expansion. World of Warcraft: The War Within will launch between Summer and Autumn, and is scheduled for one major update before Winter kicks off.

World of Warcraft Classic‘s roadmap is an expansion of not only Wratch of the Lich King Classic and the impending release of Cataclysm Classic, but also new updates for Season of Discovery. World of Warcraft Classic is also getting a Self-Found mode for its Hardcore realms, which essentially forces players to find all of their gear by themselves, without a player economy to help them out.

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the updated roadmaps do look really cool asf


Can't wait to play this one day ! Once my osrs grind is done ! Lol