THE FINALS Studio is Working on a Way to Effectively Ban Cheaters

Developer Embark Studios has taken to the official Discord server for competitive multiplayer shooter THE FINALS to respond to player complaints about there being many new cheaters populating the game over the weekend. As caught by Mp1st, the studio has stated that it couldn’t ban cheaters effectively because of technical issues, but the problem was being actively worked on.

“Hey folks! Over the past few days, we’ve had a technical issue that prevented us from banning cheaters efficiently,” said the studio on its Discord. “We’re now nearing a solution to this bug, and we’re already begun re-upping our anti-cheat measures again. Thanks for your patience as we continue to sort through issues. Keeping the game a smooth, safe, and fair space for players is our biggest priority.”

Players responded to the studio by recommended a region lock to curb cheaters playing from Asia-specific regions from playing on North American or European servers. The studio’s community manager responded by stating that the lack of region locking is a company decision.

“We don’t want to region lock,” said the studio. “isn’t a personal opinion, it’s a company decision. sorry if you don’t wanna be called racist, but isn’t that what it is? or, wait, xenophobia maybe? Cheaters are in all regions, and we see a good chunk of them using Chinese names as in a copium method to be harder to be reported.”

After spending some time in beta tests, THE FINALS got a sneaky release earlier this month on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game revolves around fast-paced movement as teams of three fight each other to complete different objectives, depending on the game mode. The game’s beta was quite popular before it was released, with the studio revealing that more than 7.5 million players had tried out the beta.

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always be a flock of cheaters in mp games fr

if they do a region lock, then that would be a disaster for them tbh


Yeah every shooter will unfortunately go the CoD route now smh. If there really bad cheating and griefing that's one thing but to ban them all permanently is crazy