Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Include "Totally New Cities"

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will, of course, continue Cloud Strife's tale that was begun in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The next game from developer Square Enix is due next year, and the team has been teasing fans with various reveals and hints over the last few months. The latest word out of the development team at Square Enix is that players will be able to explore brand-new cities in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Obviously, this is a notable development given that this is meant to be a quasi-remake of the original Final Fantasy 7. While we don't know exactly how much these new cities will be involved in the plot, it absolutely sounds like they'll be heavily used for side content.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth New Cities

This latest revelation comes from a new interview with Game Informer. They sat down with game director Naoki Hamaguchi for a hands-off demo where the developer said, "In Rebirth, we've added these types of cities like the Crow's Nest – totally new cities that did not exist in the original to go deeper and create this whole worldview of Rebirth. We reach this area after completing a quest, and then this place unlocks. The residents already know Cloud and the party are a part of Avalanche."

When you think about it, this actually makes quite a bit of sense. Remember, while this is a remake of the 1997 original, Square Enix is stretching the epic RPG across three entries. It's also making a few major changes to the storyline to keep players on their toes, but with three games to fill out, Square Enix has to fill out that runtime with content. Having places like Crow's Nest that are completely new to the franchise lets Square drop in new content without changing the general shape of the original story.

Importantly, you will be able to skip this side content if you just want to play through the main story of Rebirth, but Square Enix is taking steps to make this middle entry into a fully-featured RPG experience. It also allows the team to flesh out some of the side characters with new quests. In Game Informer's time with Rebirth, they were able to get a look at one of these involving Red XIII and it sounds like they came away impressed. Hopefully, that's just the start of several great new side quest stories in FF7 Rebirth.

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will be digging the new cities fr


This will be cool for fans to explore somewhere new !