New Tease Has Caught the Attention of Spyro Fans

A new post from Activision-owned developer, Toys for Bob, has caught the attention of Spyro fans. It has been 15 years since the last new Spyro game. In 2018, Activision released Spyro Reignited Trilogy, but this was just a collection of remakes of the original trilogy. It was received well though, which included selling very well. As a result many assumed it would lead to a proper new entry, but so far it has not. And unfortunately, the developer that would be responsible for it, Toys for Bob, has since been made a Call of Duty support studio. However, whether this will last -- especially now that Xbox owns Activision-Blizzard -- remains to be seen.

Fast-forward to today, and the official Toys for Bob X account shared its "latest experiments in Unreal Engine 5." What should and shouldn't be made of this, we don't know. This is most likely just for the purpose of Unreal Engine 5 practice, but it is notable for a studio who has been trapped doing Call of Duty support lately.

More than this, in the replies to the tweet, gamers couldn't help but notice, and point out, all the purple on the various screens. Of course, not only is Spyro purple, but much of the theming of Spyro games is as well. Fueling speculation even more is the fact that the screens have been blurred out, which is odd if they are just for the purposes of Unreal Engine 5 testing.

"We took some time out to get together and share our latest experiments in Unreal Engine 5 – it was a full day of excellent presentations with plenty of learnings and fresh ideas for the new year," reads the tweet in question, which can be seen below.

Alas, right now Spyro fans only have is speculation and a prayer, but this was more than they had before. This tweet is interesting, and all of the purple on the screens is eye-catching, but even if that is Spyro content on the screens, it doesn't mean there is a new game in development. That said, there have been some rumors here and there suggesting as much.

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yeah, would be great to have a new Spyro game after all these games fr


Never heard ally got into Spyro I was more into the crash bandicoot games