Sable PS5 Performance Patch Is Not In The Pipeline, Confirms Shedworks

Shedworks‘ Gregorios Kythreotis has revealed on Twitter that the two-man team has no plans to work on improving the performance of Sable on PS5.

When asked on Twitter by a follower if the game would be improved for Sony’s flagship console — for those unaware, Sable has a notoriously dodgy frame rate on PS5 — Kythreotis confirmed that the team would not be releasing a performance patch.

Unfortunately not, we’re a super small team and we did try to eek out more performance with what we have – we worked over a year after Xbox launch but at some point we need to start making new stuff. We approached some bigger companies to help but they wanted insane money.

Sable was released in November 2022 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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got this as part of Dec's PP Plus game

such a shame they're not going to fix it


Thumbnail pics looks like some Star Wars speeder rip of type stuff