Terra Nil is Available Now on Nintendo Switch

After launching initially for PC and Netflix, Free Lives’ Terra Nil is out on Nintendo Switch. If you’ve never seen the environmental strategy title, check out the release trailer below to see how it works.

As a reverse city builder, Terra Nil sees players inheriting a ruined wasteland and restoring nature’s beauty. Using various machines, you’ll clean water, plant forests and much more, eventually attracting animals back to their surroundings. Each map is random, offering different challenges when restoring the world as you work around mountains and rivers to restore the environment.

Once the task is finished and the machines are recycled, you can enter Appreciate Mode to observe the landscape.

Free Lives hasn’t announced its next project or whether more updates are coming to Terra Nil, but it also released Broforce’s final expansion, Broforce Forever, back in August.

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this will def be great for the youngsters


Istg Nintendo has the worst games ever. They lean towards children way to much and can't make something that isn't animated all cartoony