Minecraft's New Wolf Armor is Getting Mixed Responses

Minecraft has added armadillo and wolf armor as part of its latest preview, but players have mixed feelings about the armor. In the never-ending expansion of its universe, Minecraft keeps adding new features in its updates. The content ranges from new biomes to blocks, mobs, and commands, making Minecraft an increasingly rich game.

With the Mob Vote 2023, Mojang sealed the fate of some upcoming Minecraft content. The armadillo won the vote and will debut in the major update 1.21, along with the arrival of wolf armor. A feature that players have been waiting for years, wolf armor can be crafted using the armadillo's scute, making it a promising item for Minecraft's future. Mojang recently offered a sneak peek at both features, but while many would have expected a hit among Minecraft players, what happened was quite different.

Minecraft added the armadillo and wolf armor as part of Preview, but players are torn on whether the armor is a good or bad thing. Reddit user Minecrafter859 is one of those critical players, and posted a photo of the armored wolf with the caption "Why do it look like this?" Dragonmaster1313 feels like Mojang has put the wolf armor's front knee pads on backwards, a sentiment shared by other Minecraft players. On the other side of the debate are other Redditors like tornedron_, who said they liked the armor and think that "players are complaining too much." Showing Minecraft community's endless sense of good humor, Reddit user WaterShjeep said they loved that the wolf armor icon looks like a dog looking awkwardly to the side.

Why do it look like this
byu/Minecrafter859 inMinecraft
The new wolf armor icon looks like a dog awkardly looking to the side and I love it
byu/WaterShjeep inMinecraft

While Minecraft players can't reach a consensus on the wolf armor, part of the community has offered additional points for discussion. For CatsWillFly, Mojang has delivered exactly what it promised with the wolf armor, as it will protect the good boys in combat. In tornedron_'s post, one commenter said they would like to see biomes based on dog breeds. In response, another player suggested that Minecraft could add dog breeding. The player recalls that it is possible to breed horses in Minecraft, and other Redditors liked the idea.

Update 1.21 doesn't yet have a release date, but is expected to drop in mid-2024. In addition to adding the armadillo and wolf armor, other confirmed features are the copper block family, the trial spawner, and the new hostile mob Breeze. Until update 1.21 arrives, players will have to wait to see whether Mojang will make any adjustments to wolf armor based on community feedback, or keep the feature as it is.

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I just imagine a bunch of children crying on the reviews online about anything minecraft lol