Marvel's Blade Update Sheds Light on Release Date

It looks like the release date of Marvel's Blade could be quite far away. This month, at The Game Awards, Marvel Games, Xbox, Bethesda, and Arkane Studios collectively revealed Marvel's Blade with no platforms or release window. Despite the lack of salient information, it generated lots of hype, not only because of the IP involved, but because the team developing it, Arkane Lyon, is responsible for the acclaimed Dishonored series, as well as the recent Deathloop. In other words, they are a top developer, and a perfect fit for Blade.

As noted, there is no release information, but we have a decent idea thanks to a new update. According to the LinkedIn profile of Dana Nightingale, a developer on the game, the game's development began in January 2022. In other words, it has been in development for almost two years. Previously, Arkane Lyon took about four to five years to make a game. In other words, if this pattern holds, Marvel's Blade won't be out until 2026 or 2027. This is also about what AAA games take on average now, anywhere from four to six years. Sometimes AAA games are still made in three years, but it's not common. And the same on the other side of the spectrum. Sometimes AAA games take more than six years, but it's not common.

Right now, all we have is speculation, but it is safe to assume this game is a ways out still, which was indicated by the fact that not only was a release window not mentioned during the game's reveal, but no platforms either. If this game was coming out next year or even 2025 that probably would have been relayed in the reveal trailer. This new information only drives home this assumption.

As for when we will see Marvel's Blade next, we don't know. This information has not been relayed by an official party. Assuming the game is several years away, there's a strong chance we won't see it at all next year. That said, and as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think.

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by the rate they're making games nowadays, more likely be released in 2030 LMAO


Damn I'm so hyped now. I love blade I hope they really put time and love into this game !