Elden Ring’s first expansion could release in February

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion could release in February 2024, according to a retail listing.

As captured by a Reddit post, retailer Datablitz briefly uploaded alleged details on upcoming Elden Ring-themed controllers from Thrustmaster.

The website page claimed that the controllers would be released in February 2024 to “sync with new ‘Shadow of the Erdtree expansion release” and Elden Ring’s second anniversary.

Perhaps more interesting to fans is the mention of a second wave of controllers, which the page claimed would be released in 2025 to coincide with a “major keybeat or new game expansion”.

Shadow of the Erdtree was announced in February of this year. No further details were provided, other than a new piece of art designed to give an idea of what the expansion may entail.

Elden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao recently provided an update on Shadow of the Erdtree. Speaking to Japanese publication Game Watch this month, Kitao said development was progressing well, but suggested that fans shouldn’t expect a release in the near future.

“It’ll be a little while yet, but progress is going well,” he said. “Like Bloodborne, it has new battles and new characters.”

From Software’s parent company, Kadokawa, also claimed this month that development of the DLC was “proceeding smoothly”.

Elden Ring received an update last December which opened up several Colosseums that had been dotted around the map since release, allowing for PvP battles including duels, free-for-alls and team fights.

Ray tracing support for the game on PC and new-gen consoles was introduced via an update in March.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/elden-rings-first-expansion-could-release-in-february-its-claimed/


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it would be a very interesting release for the new year fr


Damn it's only their first one still yet ? Figured they already had one.