PlayStation Portal Sales Off to Good Start in the US

Data shared by Circana has revealed that PlayStation Portal sales are off to quite a decent start in the U.S. Due to Sony’s insistence, the handheld remote player has been categorized as hardware despite the fact that it’s technically a PS5 accessory. Debuting in November, the Portal became the fourth best-selling hardware despite limited quantities, putting it ahead of the likes of Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and various VR hardware.

PlayStation Portal enjoyed good launch sales in other regions as well
Circana’s Mat Piscatella revealed that PlayStation Portal’s limited launch inventory completely sold out in the U.S. — a situation also seen in other regions including the U.K. and Japan. Sony has since been trying to fulfill demand but the Portal continues to sell out almost instantly. Scalpers have also been nabbing the handheld ahead of the Christmas holiday.

In Spain, Portal’s launch week sales were ahead of Xbox Series X|S.

Portal’s fourth position at launch means that it was behind actual consoles and managed to beat other gaming handhelds despite targeting a niche market. Sony has previously said that the Portal wasn’t designed to make a profit as it’s meant to boost engagement and playtime with the PS5.

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glad to know the sales were off to a good start


At least there trying to compete with the switch lol