Rumor: Next Xbox Console Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

The next Xbox console could be coming sooner than players might have guessed, at least according to a pair of reliable industry insiders. Microsoft released both the Xbox Series X and less powerful Xbox Series S systems as part of the ongoing ninth generation of consoles on November 10, 2020. Since then, these Xbox consoles have competed with the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, bolstered by exclusive titles like Halo Infinite and the increasingly popular Xbox Game Pass.

While most gamers probably aren’t in a hurry to see yet another new console generation so soon following the lengthy adaptation period of this one, there have already been quite a few rumors about Microsoft planning its next Xbox console, or at least an updated version of the current Xbox Series X/S. Last year, a leaker named Tero Alhonen uncovered a keyword for a project codenamed Xbox Keystone, which some suspect is the next Xbox console since it was listed alongside the previously used codenames for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Others believe that Keystone is instead another iteration of the Xbox Series hardware.

The former could very likely be the case, as two reliable video game news trackers now believe that the next Xbox console could be coming in just a couple of years. Industry insider Jeff Grubb discussed the issue alongside GamesBeat Managing Editor Mike Minotti during the latest episode of Jeff Grubb's Game Mess on YouTube, where he confirmed that another leaker who reportedly uncovered the specifications for the rumored PS5 Pro also claims that a new Xbox console might be launching in 2026 – though he isn’t certain if this is an updated Series X or a new system altogether.

Grubb stressed that there are still many details about this supposed new console that he can’t verify yet, but he believes that it will take the place of the previously planned, diskless Xbox Series X console that was leaked during the recent FTC trial regarding Microsoft’s buyout of Activision Blizzard. Grubb guessed that Microsoft is fast-tracking the release of the alleged “Xbox Next” system in light of these leaks and to perhaps compete with the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro.

As both Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti have pointed out, it will have been six years since the Xbox Series X/S was released by 2026, which is around the usual lifespan of a console before its successor is launched. The ninth console generation had an unconventional start due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are whispers of Microsoft already planning its next Xbox console. Nothing official has been verified yet, so insiders and fans alike will have to wait for some more concrete evidence about just what this leaked system is to emerge.

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they would be stupid enough to release a "new" xbox, so soon,
and people would be stupid to buy it too


Can't be this quick. Series x is still brand new lol


who really wants to buy another console so soon?


Not really worth it tbh, it's an Xbox series x without a disc drive