Insomniac Seems to be Working on a Spider-Verse Game

Insomniac’s stock has shot into the stratosphere courtesy of its Spider-Man games, and it seems the developer’s plans for Marvel’s webhead might also involve a Spider-Verse game.

Insomniac recently allegedly suffered a data breach, following which internal data and documents were reportedly leaked. A Reddit user (in a now-deleted post) has seemingly discovered evidence of a Spider-Verse game being in the works at the studio, with the words “additional support for Spider-Verse” being visible in one particular image.

Meanwhile, text seen in another image refers to a number of alleged planned projects within Insomniac, including “RCE” and “SM3”. The latter is likely referring to the inevitable but unannounced Marvel’s Spider-Man 3. As for the former- could RC be a Ratchet and Clank game? And if that is what it is, is it referring to 2021’s Rift Apart or something else?

Interestingly, this same image also mentions “Spider” at the end of this list of planned projects, though the rest of the title beyond that word isn’t visible, since the image is cropped off.

It’s worth keeping in mind, of course, that this isn’t concrete evidence by any means. The images are extremely blurred, and there’s no verification as yet that they are indeed legitimate leaks.

That said, it has been known for some time that Insomniac is working on a multiplayer game for PS5, and that it’s going to be a AAA project, while it’s also been previously suggested that the multiplayer title could be another Marvel game. Could Insomniac be working on a multiplayer Spider-Verse game to capitalize on the success of the animated film series and, of course, its own Spider-Man games?

Spoilers follow for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After all, Insomniac’s Spider-Man did appear in Across the Spider-Verse, while the Spider-Bots side questline in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 also culminates in a brief but cleverly executed Spider-Verse crossover. Could that have been setting things up for the future?

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oh geez, anoher spidey game ffs


I'd rather more regular Spider-Man games but this still would be awesome so play