God Of War Ragnarok's DLC Adds Highly-Requested New Boss Battle

God of War Ragnarok's free Valhalla DLC adds a new boss battle against a story-important character that fans have been wanting to see since the original game launched.

Although most God of War fans expected to see some kind of expansion or side story featuring an older Atreus as he adventures in another realm, we were all surprised to learn at The Game Awards that Ragnarok's first piece of DLC is not only free, but also focuses on Kratos as he tries to make his way through Valhalla.

As it turns out, Valhalla offers a whole lot more than an interesting roguelite take on God of War's combat, as it actually acts as an epilogue of sorts to the main game that is full of story content and surprises for players. One of those surprises is a climactic boss battle against a powerful character that fans were really hoping to see in the main game, but that didn't end up happening. Major spoilers for God of War Ragnarok's Valhalla DLC follow.

After Kratos makes his way through Valhalla for the first time, it's revealed that the one who invited him to take on the trials in the first place was none other than Tyr (the real version, that is, not the one that Odin was masquerading as), the Norse God of War that played a big role in Ragnarok's story. That explains what his actor meant when he said we hadn't seen the last of him.

Upon meeting Tyr, he tells Kratos and Mimir that he brought him to Valhalla because he knows his internal struggles and wants him to confront them, something that he'll only be worthy of if he can defeat him in a bit of friendly combat. Well, as friendly as two Gods shaking the Earth can be.

Ever since 2018's God of War, fans have been expecting a big brawl between the two Gods, something that looked like it might come to pass in Ragnarok but didn't. Although that was a bit disappointing for many fans, it does make sense for the story considering we don't actually get to see the real Tyr until the end of the game, as the one we spent most of our time with in Ragnarok was actually just Odin in disguise.

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yeah, absolutely great to have a new boss battle in the DLC fr


Hell yeah this mode is so sick I love these two recent god of wars