GTA 6 Reveal Trailer Features A Red Dead Redemption 2 Reference

Eagle-eyed Rockstar fans have spotted a reference to Everett Morgan, a character from Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode, in the reveal trailer for GTA 6.

If, like myself and the Florida Joker, you've had the reveal trailer for GTA 6 on repeat ever since it released last week, then you might think that you've seen everything that it has to offer. We've already dived deep into details like Lucia's ankle monitor (which might restrict movement around the map when you start the game) and all of the references to real-life Florida events, but it turns out there's even more to uncover.

As shared by Twitter user _Dyllie_ and originally spotted by tempestGTA, the reveal trailer for GTA 6 has an interesting reference to Red Dead Online. Towards the end of the trailer, we see Jason and Lucia kicking down the doors to rob what appears to be a convenience store. As they do so, the door on the right has a large sticker of a smiling bearded man, who appears to be a mascot for a product called "Uncle Jack's".

The sticker isn't just a glimpse into some of the food and drink we might be able to purchase in GTA 6, though, as it's also a very subtle reference to Red Dead Redemption 2. In Red Dead Online, players could come across a wanted poster for a character called Everett Morgan, who is being hunted because of his part in a recent train robbery.

Morgan (no, not that Morgan) can actually be bounty hunted by the player and taken in for a reward, dead or alive, but it seems that the canonical version of those events is for the player to be kind to him and turn him in, as it's his face that's being used to advertise whatever Uncle Jack's is supposed to be.

It's not clear from the trailer whether the use of Everett Morgan's face is a purposeful choice to call back to Red Dead Redemption 2, or if it's just a smart bit of asset reuse, but it's clearly supposed to be the same person as the face on the sticker has the same bushy beard and haircut that Morgan had.

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always nice to see easter eggs showing up in reveal trailers


Damn this games Easter eggs are going to Be sick. Idk if they can put do RDR2 but we'll see !