The Finals Update Improves Skill-Based Matchmaking

The Finals from Embark Studios has been out for just under a week now which has given players plenty of time to optimize their builds and team comps. It's also given people enough time to start taking issue with parts of the game's matchmaking system, specifically when it comes to getting put in mismatched games against people of noticeably higher skill levels. It'll come as good news then for those who've had issues with the skill-based matchmaking system that Embark put out an update this week to address that very topic, an update which should "ensure better-quality games," the developer said.

Yes, The Finals has SBMM, the often controversial matchmaking system which is employed in games like the Call of Duty series, Apex Legends, and pretty much any other competitive game where developers want to make sure players are matched at least close to the same skill level. While this latest update should improve the SBMM setup in The Finals, Embark did warn that this could make queue times a bit longer since the game will seek out optimal matchups. It's also worth noting that a change has been made regarding the way backfills work so that players hopefully won't be joining into in-progress matches as much which often is frustrating given that your team is probably at a disadvantage if they've been playing without a third teammate.

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looks decent enough, will give this a go next week


May have to try it out it looks kinda decent. And something other than CoD or fort.