GTA Online Finally Adds Purchasable and Customizable Police Cars

GTA Online has finally added the ability to purchase police vehicles. GTA Online is a total juggernaut and seems to only be getting better and better by the day. Rockstar Games is one of the biggest developers out there and has juggled the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto VI, and the support of GTA Online for the last decade. Given Grand Theft Auto V is the second best selling game of all-time and sells millions, if not tens of millions of copies every single year, it makes sense why Rockstar is committed to supporting it. That support has slowed down as Rockstar pivots to new games, but its latest update is quite significant and shows the developer's commitment to giving fans what they want.

As part of the new Chop Shop update for GTA Online, Rockstar Games added a ton of quality of life improvements to the game. On current-gen platforms, GTA Online now has animals that roam around the map. This is something that has been in the single player for nearly a decade now, but it is finally in multiplayer. We also see the return of Yusuf from Grand Theft Auto IV in the new update. However, probably the biggest surprise is that we can now buy police vehicles like cruisers and even customize them. Rockstar has outlined how you can get them in a new blog post: "These will not be easy to acquire though, and will require you to go above and beyond the law when committing Salvage Yard Robberies before you can obtain them. Survive and lose Wanted Levels, scope out robberies, and go deep into the criminal underworld to unlock access and Trade Prices for the Vapid Stanier LE Cruiser, Police Riot, and Unmarked Cruiser."

These bad boys won't be cheap, though. They start at around $3 million and go all the way up to just shy of $5 million, so be prepared to do a lot of crimes in order to roleplay as a cop in GTA Online. However, these vehicles are actually very customizable and you can change the liveries to be from different parts of the map, change the lights, and much more. It's a pretty sweet new addition and is one of the things fans have longed to see for years. Unfortunately, it's just going to set you back a ton of money.

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LMAO driving around a purchased police car and get chased by police will be fun


Sad and crazy it took this long lol. And beyond sad af we still don't have mansions in the damn game !