Red Dead Redemption 3 Seems "Certain", Says Arthur Morgan Actor

Red Dead Redemption 3 will probably happen, according to Arthur Morgan actor Roger Clark. The Red Dead Redemption series is one of Rockstar Games' biggest franchises just behind Grand Theft Auto. The first game sold well over 20 million copies as of 2021, in part thanks to the fact it was available through Xbox's backward compatibility ahead of the release of the second game. The first game will likely continue to sell a bit as well given it just had a remaster earlier this year on PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch. Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold almost 60 million copies, placing it in the top 10 best selling games of all-time. It's also widely regarded as one of the best games ever made thanks to its beautiful story, incredibly immersive gameplay, and more.

However, it has been five years and Rockstar Games has not uttered a word about a follow-up. That's largely because the developer is hard at work at its far more anticipated sequel: Grand Theft Auto VI. The game just a had a record-breaking trailer released and is due out in 2025, so Rockstar probably isn't thinking too hard about what comes next until that game is nearly out the door. With that said, Arthur Morgan actor Roger Clark thinks Red Dead Redemption 3 is "certain". It should be noted, Clark is likely just speculating as Rockstar Games is pretty strict and secretive. They tend not to divulge much to those who are not directly working with them and Clark managed to keep Red Dead Redemption 2 a secret up until its release, so he probably wouldn't spoil anything if he did know what was happening. The actor noted that he has no idea when that might happen, but doesn't think Arthur Morgan will be involved as his story has been told. However, fans probably assumed as much about John Marston. The character was more or less a secondary protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2, becoming his story in a roundabout way parallel to Arthur's. It's possible something like that could happen again, but it would require going even further back in time and that may limit the storytelling possibilities of a third game.

If we get Red Dead Redemption 3, it may follow someone like Sadie Adler since Rockstar Games is embracing female protagonists now. The character made a big impression on fans in the second game and they've been asking to see more of her. Whether it happens or not is anyone's guess. Rockstar Games may also choose to focus on a new group of characters since the Dutch van der Linde gang has been at the center of the last two games and has had its entire story largely told. Either way, we probably shouldn't expect Red Dead Redemption 3 for another decade at the bare minimum, if not longer assuming Rockstar Games chooses to make a new IP or revisit another franchise that hasn't seen the light of day in a while after GTA 6.

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if there is going to be a 3rd, make it great, and make it the last fr


RDR2 was easily one of the best games ever made. The story and Easter eggs were soo good ! I really hope we do get a third one !


Have to agree with this. Such a beautiful and emmersive game. Should have won GOW but there's always a place in my library for RDR2