Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus has been delayed to early 2024

Insomniac Games has delayed Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus mode until early next year.

In a message published on social media, the PlayStation studio said it wanted to spend more time testing the update, which will add the ability to replay missions, change the time of day and more.

“We have some news about the next game update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” it wrote. “We know players have been eagerly awaiting features such as New Game+ and Audio Descriptions, among many more.

“We have been working vigilantly on these features and require more testing to ensure the quality is up to our standards.

“We are now targeting Early 2024 for the next game update, and we’ll have a feature-complete list closer to its release. We’ve heard your feedback and will be adding some highly requested features, including the ability to change the time of day, swap tendril colors, and replay missions – just to name a few!

“We can’t wait to share more with you in the future. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience as our team works to finish our next update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!”

Spider-Man 2 voice actor Tony Todd reportedly said last month that 90% of the dialogue he recorded for Venom wasn’t included in the final game.

If the claim is accurate, it’s unclear whether the studio ended up scrapping a large amount of content that might once have been included in the game, or if it recorded extra dialogue with a view to using it for potential DLC or a spin-off title.

Asked about the potential for a Venom spin-off in an interview published just before Spider-Man 2 was released in October, Insomniac senior narrative director Jon Paquette told Insider that fans would play a significant role in helping the studio decide where to take the series.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/spider-man-2s-new-game-plus-has-been-delayed-to-early-2024/


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would be boring to play the the 2nd time tbh

so, no need for a NG+


they arent all that fun to replay anyways after; Great games but no reason to replay at all really.