Bethesda Teases Major New Starfield Features Coming in 2024

Following a new update for Starfield going live, Bethesda has teased some highly requested features that it will be bringing to the RPG in the coming year. Despite being largely well-received, many who have been playing Starfield since its launch back in September have been making it known that they want to see Bethesda incorporate certain features that weren't found in the base game. Now, Bethesda has acknowledged these wishes and has made it known that changes are in the pipeline.

In a new message shared on the official Starfield subreddit, those at Bethesda Game Studios provided some clarity about what's next for the game. Specifically, Bethesda said that it's working on pushing out a big update in the early portion of 2024 that will rectify a variety of problems that Starfield players have annotated previously. Beyond this, though, it was also said that city maps and "new ways of traveling" are also being worked on. Both of these features have been requested endlessly since Starfield first launched, so to hear that they're coming should please a number of players.

"We've been hard at work on many of the issues you've posted, and expect an update early next year that will include a large number of 'in-progress' quest fixes as well as FSR3 and XeSS," Bethesda Game Studios said. "Though we fixed several quest issues from occurring, in-progress quest fixes are much harder to fix and we've built a new system to correct those without you having to roll back your save. We're also hard at work on many of new features you asked for, from city maps, to mod support, to all new ways of traveling (stay tuned!). These will be rolling out with a regular cadence of fixes and updates we expect to have roughly every six weeks."

Moving forward, Starfield will surely continue to be a big focus for Bethesda in 2024 and beyond. Outside of these new updates that have now been mentioned, Bethesda has also previously stated that it will release DLC of some sort for Starfield much as it has in the past with titles like Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Currently, it's not known when exactly the first expansion for Starfield will arrive, but we'll almost certainly learn more on this front next year.

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adding new features keeps the game fresh fr


some of them should have already been in the game !?