New PS5 Pro Rumor Suggests Major Leaks Could Be Imminent

A new rumor tied to the PlayStation 5 Pro has suggested that Sony's upgraded PS5 could begin leaking quite soon. Over the course of 2023, rumors have continued to suggest that Sony is gearing up to release a more powerful iteration of the PS5 in 2024 that will be dubbed the PS5 Pro. Generally speaking, this would make quite a bit of sense given that Sony let loose the PS4 Pro a few years into the life cycle of its last console. Although specifics tied to the PS5 Pro are still hard to come by, it's now beginning to seem like this won't be true for a whole lot longer.

According to reporter and PlayStation insider Tom Henderson, the PS5 Pro could begin leaking this month as Sony is said to be in the process of sending out dev kits to third-party studios. Henderson noted that Sony itself believes internally that the PS5 Pro will likely leak at some point in the coming weeks. It wasn't noted exactly what form these leaks might take, but it's safe to assume that pictures and additional hardware specs might start to emerge on the internet soon enough.

Even if the PS5 Pro does begin to leak in the coming weeks or months, it's likely that Sony won't begin talking about the hardware until further into 2024. With the PS4 Pro, Sony didn't formally unveil the console until September 2016 and then went on to release the platform in November 2016. If history repeats itself once again with the PS5, it's feasible that the PS5 Pro won't be shown off to the public until the back half of 2024 before launching closer to the holiday season.

For those who don't want to wait for the PS5 Pro to come about, though, Sony did release a new, slimmer model of the PlayStation 5 this past month. The "PS5 Slim", as it has been called by fans, is set to become the new primary PS5 console in the years ahead as Sony begins to phase out the original model that launched back in 2020. Compared to this original edition of the platform, the Digital Edition of the Slim model can also slot in a disc drive that Sony sells separately if buyers later decide that they want this functionality.

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a nice Black PS5 Pro Slim would be great :lipbite:


man I just want a all black slim ps5 !


Can't wait to upgrade when I get back from vacation I'm buying a slim PS5!!