Image Shows How GTA Logos Have Evolved Since 1997

A Grand Theft Auto fan shared an image that compiles all the logos from across the franchise since 1997. GTA has evolved many times over the years from its top-down perspective beginnings, and some logo changes may surprise some fans.

The first GTA was released in 1997, and many installments have come out since then. GTA 3 was the series' first foray into the 3D space, and it was immediately popular. Since then, each new entry in the franchise has garnered millions of players, except for portable titles exclusive to Nintendo handhelds. Between the release of GTA 3 and GTA 4, there were a few popular spin-off games that introduced the locations of Vice City and San Andreas. With Grand Theft Auto 6 preparing to return to the former, one fan has compiled all the logos to highlight the evolution between the original and latest titles.

Reddit user X_7A recently shared an image that brings all the GTA logos from the past together. With GTA 6 revealed on December 4 with its logo, the compilation includes the upcoming game as well. The first game featured a unique Grand Theft Auto font, but it has mostly been unchanged since the release of GTA 3. The GTA 2 logo is minimal compared to the others, while unnumbered entries like Liberty City Stories and San Andreas feature exclusive lettering. Although it has the same Grand Theft Auto text as most of the others, GTA 5's logo is highlighted by the detail in its Roman numeral. GTA 6 maintains this central lettering and detail but moves the Roman numerals behind it.

Beyond the mainline Grand Theft Auto games, this compilation also includes the expansions. GTA 4's Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony, and the first game's London 1969 are all present. Though GTA Online is reflected by its logo, the numerous big updates that it received are not. Perhaps the biggest departure from the standard GTA logo is the aforementioned London 1969 expansion, which shows the three letters inside a circular symbol that hasn't been used since. Vice City and Vice City Stories share font and color, while GTA Advance also has Italic letters. Liberty City Stories and GTA Online have similar red letters, but the latter is missing the red lines containing the text.

Because Grand Theft Auto is such a successful series, it will likely see more games released in the future. While the series hasn't done spinoffs since the mobile Chinatown Wars, Rockstar may return to the concept in the future. X_7A's image could give players an idea of what future logos could look like.

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they were all great in their time fr


they came a long way and are one of the best still !


I love rockstar they always nail the games they create


They kept the same font since 2001 and I hope they never change it, looks fantastic!