Image Compares GTA 6 Buildings to Their Real-Life Counterparts

A Grand Theft Auto 6 fan posted an image that compares buildings shown in the game's trailer to their real-life counterparts. The image highlights Grand Theft Auto 6's impressive attention to detail, and shows how closely its Vice City setting matches its Miami inspiration.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto 6's first trailer dropped and racked up insane amounts of views, fans have poured over every frame of its 90-second runtime. Grand Theft Auto diehards have uncovered plenty of details, like new animals and possible hints at unannounced locations. And as time goes on, fans of the storied franchise continue to find interesting aspects of Grand Theft Auto 6's first trailer.

Reddit user peled97 uploaded a picture that compares four beachfront hotels, shown in Grand Theft Auto 6's trailer, to their real-life counterparts in Miami. The two images have a striking similarity, and showcases Rockstar's dedication to creating life-like environments within its highly detailed games. Fans can hope for many parts of Miami to be faithfully recreated within Grand Theft Auto 6's Vice City. Grand Theft Auto 5's Los Santos setting was based on Los Angeles, and many LA natives were impressed by the map's recreation of certain parts of the city.

Rockstar has earned its reputation of implementing incredible amounts of detail in its games, so much so that a lot of it goes unnoticed by most users, due to the sheer scope of the studio's games. Despite the sprawling maps seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar is able to fill its worlds to the brim with interesting characteristics. This rewards players who take the time to slow down and explore the studio's massive worlds, and it looks like this thoughtful amount of detail will continue with the next Grand Theft Auto.

It's rumored that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature additional cities as well, which may be based on other Floridian locations like Orlando, Tampa, or Panama City. The first trailer confirmed that the Florida Keys would be in the game, at the very least.

Another detail that was uncovered in Grand Theft Auto 6's trailer was the appearance of a Haitian flag. This could be a reference to Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood, which may be making an appearance in Grand Theft Auto 6's Vice City. However, some fans are hoping that this flag is hinting towards an international location being introduced in the new game. Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 had a similar feature, which saw players transported to the island of Guarma, which is believed to be based on Puerto Rico.

Trailer buildings in real life
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they certainly have put a lot of time and thought into this

it's going to be epic fr


man 6 will be the best thing everyone will be on ! cant wait


So well done, this game will probably feel like we're actually in Miami, lol.