Light No Fire will let you climb mountains that are miles high

Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky, is directing their gaze away from the infinite promise of space in the upcoming Light No Fire, a game that promises to reproduce a single planet that dwarfs the one that we live on. That includes all the climbable mountains, some of which are “miles high, taller than Everest,” according to the project lead.

“For No Man’s Sky, we generated a whole universe of sparse alien-looking planets and that wasn’t easy,” explains founder Sean Murray during The Game Awards. “It was hard, but there is something much harder that we wanted to do.” That something is Light No Fire, a game that generates the “first real open world” in video games, on a single fantasy planet that’s “bigger than Earth” and “without boundaries.”

Light No Fire will have you explore uncharted terrain with a party of friends, stumble upon a cute town filled with NPCs, or capture some flying mounts for easier transport.

But Murray seemed more excited about the prospect of scaling huge mountains, despite all the flying in the trailer. “Something with mountains. Real mountains, not video game mountains but mountains that are miles high, taller than Everest that when you climb to the top of them and look out, you can see rivers and canyons and continents.” Doing so on foot could even take you hours.

No matter how big Light No Fire is upon release, the studio hopes it can add to the game for the next decade, just as it has with No Man’s Sky. “This is a game I would like to still be updating ten years from now,” Murray mused. There’s no word on a release date for Light No Fire, but Murray says the game’s been in development for five years with twelve developers.

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love it when you can climb mountains in a game :P


That will be dope asf. Looks pretty fun