New Overwatch 2 Mercy Skin Was Teased Almost 2 Years Ago

Fans have pointed out that the Overwatch 2 Mercy skin expected to be released during Winter Wonderland 2023 was teased almost 2 years ago. There are many seasonal activities in Overwatch 2, and an upcoming content drop includes a Mercy skin that was highlighted during an earlier holiday event.

The original Overwatch allowed players to unlock new cosmetics through loot boxes and Overwatch Credits. The latter is still a viable option for Overwatch 2, but players can also acquire new skins in the Battle Pass or in-game Shop. The hero shooter celebrates Halloween Terror, Lunar New Year, and Winter Wonderland like its predecessor. While the themed loot boxes are missing, new content based on the Holidays has been released ahead of the December 19 start of the event. Referencing a piece of art from an earlier season, fans have noticed an interesting detail regarding a Winter Wonderland Mercy skin.

Reddit users Sad_Coconut_3782 and EulerId are among many gamers highlighting the similarity between the new Overwatch 2 Mercy skin and a piece of concept art. The new skin was teased in the Winter Wonderland event trailer, but it's unclear what rarity and price it will have. The skin shows Mercy dressed in a white holiday sweater with detached sleeves and reindeer horns. The concept art featuring this skin was first released during the holiday season of 2021. The art also includes Ashe and Genji skins that remain absent from the game. The characters are standing in what appears to be a log cabin with the same theme which isn't currently part of the game.

New Mercy skin was teased a long time ago
byu/Sad_Coconut_3782 inOverwatch
This mercy skin from last year's OW Christmas art is now an actual skin
byu/EulerId inOverwatch

While many fans are celebrating the teaser that came years in advance, others anticipate when they can equip the skin. Beyond the Mercy skin, players have expressed their desire for the Ash and Genji skins featured in the same image. The Genji skin includes a colorful holiday sweater and slippers, while Ashe wears a ribbon and a hat with jingle bells on it. Because Overwatch 2's Ashe and B.O.B. are a duo, the robot is adorned in holiday garb. The art also shows Hammond sitting next to Genji and Reaper looking at the others from outside the cabin. While it's unclear if Hammond and Reaper are equipped with unique skins, both may get future seasonal cosmetics.

Because Winter Wonderland is an annual event, more holiday content will likely be dropped in 2024. Given that the teased Mercy skin is part of Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland 2023, it's possible the others will be added in the future. It's currently unclear if the art foreshadowed or inspired the new Mercy skin.

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love it when they release something year(s) later after a tease :lipbite:


Wtf crazy they would take this long to release it lol