GTA 6 Trailer May Reveal Second International Location

The GTA 6 trailer may reveal a second, international location in the game, or rather hint at it. This is what some Grand Theft Auto fans think at least based on one specific scene. With the next GTA 6 trailer potentially a year away, Grand Theft Auto fans have lots of time to dissect the game's reveal trailer from earlier this month. And this is exactly what Grand Theft Auto fans have been doing non-stop since its release, which is how they discovered a Vice City character hiding in plain sight. They have also discovered a rather interesting flag in the background of one scene.

During the trailer there is a scene featuring various characters riding on dirt bikes and ATVs, and in the background, a Haiti flag can seemingly be seen. Some Grand Theft Auto fans have taken this as a deliberate hint that players will be going to Haiti at some point during the game. And this is possible, but there's also a more simpler explanation.

While this explanation is on the table, it's worth noting that there's a neighborhood in Miami called Little Haiti. In other words, this may be Vice City's fictional take on this neighborhood. It's also possible the flag in the background is not the Haitian flag, but something else.

Unfortunately, right now, all we have is speculation. It wouldn't be surprising if the events of the game took places to an international location considering Red Dead Redemption 2 does this and considering the Caribbean is right there begging to be explored. That said, right now, there is not enough here to boldly make any claims. Further, if the game does take players abroad, there is a decent chance Rockstar Games will not reveal it before the game's release, as they kept this part of Red Dead Redemption 2 a secret.

Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to release sometime in 2025 via the PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

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"may reveal"

seriously hate that nonsense


This is going to easily be the best game for a long time ! Can't wait for the gta 6 grind