Geoff Keighley Agrees That Winners Weren’t Given Enough Stage Time

Almost as intense as the discourse around who should and shouldn’t have won at The Game Awards every year is the conversation around what the awards show did right and wrong.

This year, the sticking point with viewers is that once again the actual developers winning awards weren’t given enough of the spotlight, and when they got on stage, music began soon after to play them off, for fear that anyone might repeat Christopher Judge’s eight-minute speech at last year’s show.

Needing to keep the show running is one thing, but viewers spoke out about how they disliked how bluntly the winners, the developers we’re meant to be celebrating were played off, and Geoff Keighley, the show’s host and creator has come out to say he agrees with this sentiment.

“By the way – I do agree that the music was played too fast for award winners this year,” Keighley began on Twitter, adding that he “asked our team to relax that rule as the show went on.”

Keighley also stipulates that “while no one was actually cut off, it’s something to address going forward.”

That no one was technically cut off is a weak defense considering that it’s not a far stretch to believe that those on stage felt like they had to rush once the music began.

Keighley also claims that the crew running the show was asked to give the acceptance speeches more time, though there was no definitive sign that winners were actually given more time.

The developers who do get to go on stage after winning their awards not being given enough time is however only one of the many issues The Game Awards faces that ought to be fixed.

Hopefully Keighley does at least properly address this for next year.

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yeah, they certainly didn't waste anytime for the winners


Who really cares though they got it so what