Xbox Insider Claims Marvel's Blade Is Exclusive

Marvel's Blade is reportedly going to be exclusive to Xbox. Over the last few years, it has become more and more ambiguous what's exclusive and what's not. Franchises that once belonged to other platforms like MLB The Show and Alan Wake have made their way to other consoles, but things have gotten even murkier as these consoles have begun buying up well-established developers that carry huge franchises. Bungie, for example, is still making games for other platforms despite being a PlayStation-owned studio. However, Bethesda is now making games exclusively for Xbox, but does continue to support its older games on other platforms.

With that said, The Game Awards had a pretty surprising reveal: Marvel's Blade. The new game will follow the legendary Marvel vampire hunter on a new, original adventure in Paris and will be developed by Arkane, one of the studios Xbox acquired when it bought Bethesda. Naturally, one might expect this automatically means it's an Xbox exclusive, but no one can get a concrete answer. There were no logos for platforms in the trailer and none of the official press releases mention platforms, leaving fans to wonder what the deal is. Bethesda did confirm the game did just start development, so maybe they're not even sure what platforms it will release on because it's something that will come out around the start of next-gen (hopefully not). However, Xbox insider Speshal Nick claims that it is indeed an Xbox exclusive. The insider has been right about a number of things before and seems to be pretty confident in this, but the fact it's not being mentioned may mean there's room for this to change.

Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Wolverine are both Marvel games that will be exclusive to PlayStation, so it's not out of the question that these games can be made exclusive to a certain platform. Some are hoping this will be Xbox's answer to those games, but we have no idea. All we know is that Marvel's Blade will be a third-person action game and that's pretty much it. Hopefully, we get some more insight sooner rather than later.

When Will Marvel's Blade Release?
Bethesda has confirmed that Marvel's Blade just entered development, but we have no idea the exact time that happened. It may have been in pre-production for a while and is now in full production. Arkane Lyon is leading development on this game and released Deathloop in 2021, so they've had some time to start preparing for whatever this is. The studio's game prior to that was Dishonored 2 and its expansion in 2016 and 2017 respectively. So, this could be another 4 – 5 year wait, especially since its a new IP, a third-person game, and could be a major piece of Xbox's line-up in the future, they may want it to lead their next-gen platform.

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