Insider Addresses Avowed 2024 Release Window

When discussing the Xbox Game Studios roadmap for 2023 and beyond, a known Xbox insider claims that developer Obsidian Entertainment's Avowed won't be released within the first half of 2024. The roadmap in question displays many of the released and announced projects coming from Xbox Game Studios.

With 2023 nearly over, players can look to the Xbox Game Studios roadmap to see what's ahead for Microsoft's gaming platform. A wide range of titles are coming, including newly-announced games like Marvel's Blade and Hideo Kojima's OD with Jordan Peele. Though information on these newer titles is limited, many games arriving on Xbox in the near future either have release dates or windows, with Avowed falling into that category. Now, one reliable source has seemingly narrowed down what half of 2024 Avowed will release in.

Xbox content creator Klobrille took to Twitter to share some inside knowledge about the updated Xbox Game Studios roadmap. The December 2023 update to the roadmap informs users of a few changes to some games, making note of the remastered edition of Quake, Marvel's Blade, and OD. However, one user speculates in the comments that Avowed might be released within the first half of 2024. Klobrille responded, "I can say with certainty that this will not happen," though no evidence supports this claim.

Klobrille is known for covering various Xbox-related topics, including gaming rumors that should be taken with a grain of salt. While Avowed's release is up for discussion, it seems like players shouldn't anticipate a launch soon. Obsidian Entertainment hasn't shared anything new about the game lately, either, with the more recent tweets on the Avowed Twitter account mainly referring to Pillars of Eternity deals.

Moreover, Obsidian Entertainment's Twitter account has mostly tweeted about Pentiment. The account does display a pinned tweet showcasing the gameplay trailer for Avowed, though the developer hasn't said anything more about the game within the last month. The most recent news regarding Avowed is related to the Activision Blizzard acquisition that was finalized by Microsoft earlier this year.

As of writing, Avowed is scheduled for a 2024 release for the Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms. This could potentially change, but given Obsidian's track record with titles like Pentiment, Grounded, and The Outer Worlds over the last few years, Avowed might not see any delays and could hit its release target of 2024 - though based on this rumor, fans should expect a late 2024 release instead of an early one.

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and when it's given a released date, it will end up delayed before the og released date for another 6 months + fr


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