Xbox Leaker Addresses Blade Exclusivity Confusion

According to an Xbox insider, the recently announced Blade game will be an Xbox console exclusive. Marvel gaming fans were met with an exciting surprise during The Game Awards 2023 when Dishonored and Deathloop developer Arkane Lyon revealed that it is working on a single-player, third-person action title centered around the legendary vampire hunter Blade. The brief Marvel’s Blade trailer shown at the event featured the Daywalker getting ready to hunt vampires on the blood-soaked streets of Paris.

As excited as fans are for a triple-A Blade video game, the recent announcement has caused some confusion regarding what platforms Marvel’s Blade will be available on. The trailer itself didn’t mention any particular consoles, and publisher Bethesda has declined to comment on the subject since it was shown at The Game Awards 2023. However, as both Bethesda and Arkane Lyon are owned by Microsoft following its purchase of parent company ZeniMax Media back in 2021, many suspect that Blade will be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PCs.

Nick "Shpeshal Nick" Baker recently offered his own take on the recent Blade platform confusion in response to an article from fellow gaming journalist Paul Tassi on Twitter. He claims that Blade will indeed be an Xbox exclusive, leading Tassi to ask why neither Bethesda nor Arkane Lyon have clarified this yet. Some Twitter users have given different possible answers for the studios’ current silence, ranging from Blade still being early in development to ongoing legal debates surrounding Microsoft’s recent buyout of Activision Blizzard.

People who feel that Blade will be exclusive to Xbox consoles cite the possibility of it being used to bolster subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass and it not making much sense for Microsoft to release it on the competing PlayStation 5 due to it having its own line of exclusive Marvel titles like Insomniac’s Spider-Man series and the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine. On the other hand, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently voiced his displeasure with console exclusivity, so Blade being a multi-platform release isn’t entirely off the table.

There are many possible reasons why Arkane Studios hasn’t clarified if Marvel's Blade will be an Xbox exclusive or multi-platform yet, but insider Nick Baker seems to think that it will be the former. While his word isn’t the be-all-end-all on the subject, he has accurately predicted Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game being exclusive to Xbox in the wake of the ZeniMax buyout, so there is some credibility to his claims that the upcoming Blade game will follow the same path.

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yeah, ms can have it as a xbox exclusive

the other blade games which were out years ago weren't that good,
so this is going to be the same unfortunetely


If they fail this I give up on marvels games tbh !