The Finals Devs Address Movement Speed Nerf Accusations

The Finals developers have addressed concerns that the game's movement speed has been "nerfed," stating that no changes were actually made to the movement between the open beta and the 1.0 launch. First-person shooter game The Finals made a big splash with its open beta earlier this year, earning a great deal of praise for its over-the-top action and focus on fast-paced gameplay.

The Finals beta was a big success and left many fans hungry for more. When The Finals beta wrapped, there was no indication as to when the 1.0 version of the game would be available. That's why The Finals' shadow drop at The Game Awards 2023 came as such a surprise. It didn't take long for fans to flock to the 1.0 version of the game, amassing over 200,000 players on Steam in no time at all. However, the 1.0 launch came with a bit of controversy, as some fans accused the developers of "nerfing" the movement speed

Various Finals players took to the game's user review section on Steam to air their grievances about the game's seemingly "nerfed" movement speed. The Finals negative reviews were enough to drag the game's overall user score down to "Mixed." The developers have since responded to these concerns. Apparently, The Finals movement speed didn't actually change at all from the open beta to the 1.0 release. However, the developers think that the reason it may feel slower to some is due to a combination of "small adjustments to animations, sounds, and settings." In a Discord post spotted by PC Gamer, The Finals devs said that the light and medium archetypes may be particularly impacted by this. The biggest culprit, though, could very well be the FOV slider.

Got tired of everyone complaining about the Movespeed changes with no proof, so I did my best to contribute.
byu/MylesJacobSwie inthefinals

The Finals devs pointed out how the 1.0 release saw the FOV slider defaulted to 71, "which can have a huge impact on how the game feels." Those that feel as though the game is more sluggish than the open beta should definitely consider diving into The Finals' settings and tweaking the FOV slider accordingly. In the meantime, the developers are "working on rebalancing some of the changes."

The Finals was hugely popular during its open beta, and this quickness to address fan feedback will likely go a long way in giving the game even more goodwill among FPS fans. Based on early reactions, The Finals has what it takes to be a mainstay FPS hit, so it will be exciting to see how the game evolves moving forward.

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always will get complaints from those who can't hold their own ffs


Can't stand when games nerf stuff like keep it how the fans like it it don't matter if it's OP certain stuff just makes the game a fun and enjoyable. To many cry baby's who can't keep up