Vampire Survivors: Adventure Mode Explained

Vampire Survivors continues to dazzle players with excellent updates, with both the free updates and paid DLC introducing substantial amounts of additional content and providing plenty of reasons to keep coming back to the game.

Version 1.8 of Vampire Survivors introduces Adventures, special standalone campaigns whose progression is mostly separate from that of the main game. Each Adventure features a set of new and remixed levels and a smaller character/weapon roster to encourage new strategies. Each "chapter" of an Adventure has a specific set-up of available characters and items along with a set win condition that can range from the usual "survive for 30 minutes" to more specific "defeat X enemies" objectives. Each chapter also features a small amount of lore text to provide context to the adventure.

How to Unlock Adventures

To access Adventures, players will need to acquire a new relic called the "Atlas Gate." This item appears on the 7th minute of the Boss Rash stage, requiring players to survive until then to gain access to Adventures.

How Adventures Work

Each Adventure in Vampire Survivors has a separate progression from the main game, with only the player's collected Relics being carried over. This means players will have to earn coins and purchase upgrades all over again in adventure mode, along with unlocking characters via adventure-specific objectives. For example, in the first adventure "A Garlic Paradise", players will only initially have access to Poe. Unlocking the other characters in that adventure requires players to find and/or unlock the weapons those characters start with.

In Adventure, players can encounter Adventure Merchants, who function slightly differently from the normal merchant. Items purchased from the Adventure Merchants are permanently unlocked and can appear when leveling up and/or in chests afterward and in all levels of that adventure.

Adventure stages can sometimes have different objectives from the normal "Survive for x" objectives found in the main game's levels, such as requiring players to defeat a certain number of enemies to unlock the next level. As previously mentioned, Adventure Stages also provide a small amount of lore to tie their levels together and contextualize the challenges a player faces throughout them.

What Adventures are available?

At the time of writing, players can access three different adventures. The first two are available to all players, while the third is only available to owners of the DLC "Legacy of the Moonspell."

The two adventures available to all players are known as "A Garlic Paradise" and "A World of Light and Dark." These only feature characters from the base game. The third adventure is called "Legacy of the Moonspell" and serves as a self-contained story mode for the DLC, starring the characters added by that DLC.

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