Florida Joker Demands Money from Rockstar Games After GTA 6 Trailer

The Florida Joker, real name Lawrence Sullivan, is demanding $1-2 million from Rockstar Games over a character that looks similar to him seen in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer. Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in the fictional state Leonida, based on Florida, and as a result, it features all kinds of homages to real-life Floridians that have made headlines over the years.

The GTA 6 trailer features many nods to viral videos, notable events, and memes. This includes a character that looks a lot like the Florida Joker, a man with a heavily tattooed face whose mugshot went viral several years ago. Dubbed the Florida Joker due to an apparent resemblance to Jared Leto's Joker from Zack Snyder's DCEU films, the Florida Joker went viral again after calling out Grand Theft Auto 6 for basing a character on him.

Shortly after the GTA 6 trailer was released, the Florida Joker called out Rockstar Games in a viral video. The Florida Joker has now released yet another video, this time demanding money from Rockstar. "We gotta talk, GTA," the Florida Joker says in the newest video. In the same video, the Florida Joker suggests that Rockstar owes him $1 to $2 million. "Y'all took my likeness, y'all took my life." The video also shows the Florida Joker comparing himself to the similar-looking character from the GTA 6 trailer to underline his point.

As pointed out by the GTA 6 Trailer Countdown Twitter account, lawyer Rob Freund weighed in on the situation and offered his opinion on whether the Florida Joker actually had a case against Rockstar Games or not. Freund said that the odds were very low that the Florida Joker would be able to get any money out of Rockstar, as the similar-looking character seen in the GTA 6 trailer has different tattoos, different hair, and a different face. Freund believes that Rockstar would successfully argue that the "Florida Joker" seen in the GTA 6 trailer is "just another guy with face tattoos."

Y'all took my likeness, y'all took my life.

The Florida Joker does not appear to have actually filed any kind of lawsuit against Rockstar Games yet, but his demand for $1-2 million suggests that such an action could be in the cards. It seems unlikely that Florida Joker would win the case against Rockstar, but it would definitely be interesting to see how it would all play out. It will also be interesting to see if the Florida Joker character is in the final product or if it was just something Rockstar put together for the GTA 6 trailer. Unfortunately, with Grand Theft Auto 6's release date in 2025, fans have a long wait ahead of them to find out for sure.

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yeah, I can see the likeness O.o


Aint he plagerising himself


Dude is a bum weirdo who takes too many drugs. Rockstar will laugh at this. Wants a free money grab is all and it won't happen


Nobody is gonna take this dude seriously, he looks like a fckn clown lmao.


His face is based of DC's Joker so one could argue he's copying DC and GTA are replicating him replicating DC's joker?

What a funny world