Rocket League Devs Reassures Players After Rocket Racing Releases

Rocket Racing is out now, a new game which makes for part two of three in Epic Games' desire to expand Fortnite further beyond its battle royale boundaries. As its name suggests, Rocket Racing is basically Rocket League spilling over into Fortnite with the Rocket League devs Psyonix (owned by Epic Games) working on this new Fortnite mode, too. That's good news for Fortnite players who were interested in playing Rocket Racing since it featured the talents behind what made Rocket League what it is today, though for Rocket League players themselves, the release of Rocket Racing brought about a new worry regarding the future of Rocket League.

In anticipation of (or reacting to) those concerns, Psyonix shared a statement this week about that very matter now that Rocket Racing is out as of Friday. For those interested in one, the other, or both, the developer says that Rocket League isn't going anywhere and that it'll continue to support that game as well as Rocket Racing.

Rocket League vs. Rocket Racing Statement
The statement from the Rocket League dev team was shared Friday on social media shortly after the Rocket Racing game went live. The same team that's been working on Rocket League will continue to do so, Psyonix said, and the developer teased more info to be shared at a later date regarding the future of the game, though Psyonix wasn't ready to share all that right now.

"Hey all – let's talk about the game we love, Rocket League," the statement began. "The same team that has been supporting Rocket League is still cranking on updates coming to Rocket League in 2024, both the core game and RLCS. It's a bit too early to share details, but expect more news on that in the new year. Rocket Racing is not replacing Rocket League, and we're excited to grow these games side-by-side with cross-game vehicle ownership between them."

Aside from the idea that Rocket League devs might be pulled over to work on Rocket Racing thus lessening support for the core game, there were concerns that the cross-game nature of Rocket League and Rocket Racing might negatively impact the development of Rocket League. Items like car bodies and other accessories players own in Rocket League can be used at no additional cost in Rocket Racing, for example, and gear you buy in the latter can be used in the former, so there were concerns that the work on Rocket League may be impacted by having the game saddled next to Rocket Racing now in terms of item availability.

"A Fortnite Car consists of three types of Locker items: Car Bodies, Decals, and Wheels," an overview of the cross-game compatibility explained. "If you own the Octane, Cyclone, Jäger 619, or Lamborghini Huracán STO Car Bodies in Rocket League, you also own them in your Fortnite Locker! You also own certain Decals and Wheels you may own in Rocket League. Just make sure you're playing Fortnite with the same Epic Games account you use to play Rocket League."

Rocket Racing is out now for players to try. LEGO Fortnite is also out for free, and Fortnite Festival will round out the three-game collection on Saturday.

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geez, can't believe this franchise is still going


Will never play this game again unless the bring Paul walkers skyline !


I don't see Rocket League dying any time soon, this game is one of a kind.