Windblown is a New 3D Action Roguelike by the Makers of Dead Cells

Thanks to the impressive critical and commercial success that the incredible Dead Cells has enjoyed, indie team Motion Twin has become something of a household name for the gaming audiences. At The Game Awards, the developer took the stage to showcase what it’s going to be coming out with next.

Windblown is Motion Twin’s next game, and it’s certainly looking like a bit of a departure from Dead Cells. Though it’s still a roguelite action experience, it is fully 3D, and sports a much more vibrant and colourful aesthetic, as is pretty evident in its trailer.

As per the official announcement trailer’s YouTube description, Windblown will see you playing as Leaper, who is a hero on “a mission to defend the Ark from a very aggro Vortex”. Players will be able to absorb the memories and fallen warriors and “then put them to good use by infusing their skills into your weapon.” The game will be playable both solo and in 2-player co-op. Check out its announcement trailer below.

Windblown will launch for PC via Steam in early access at some point in 2024.

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oh wow, nice trailer

will be great to play fr


Man i can't play these type of games and they look awful