Lightyear Frontier Enters Early Access in March 2024

After facing a delay from its initial Spring 2023 release window, FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Game Invest have confirmed that Lightyear Frontier will enter early access in March 2024. It will be available for Xbox Series X/S via Game Preview and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. Check out the latest trailer below.

As an open-world farming title with mechs, Lightyear Frontier allows up to four players to team together and explore a planet. Building a farm, gathering resources and discovering landmarks is a key part of the experience, and you can also customize the mechs. According to the Steam listing, it will stay in early access for 1.5 years, but plans could change.

The early access version includes the initial zone (the beginning of Act 1) and core features with new zones, upgrade tiers, animals, resources, more neighbors, “community-suggested” content and missions. There will also be mini updates with bug fixes, improvements to quality of life and accessibility and more. Check out the post-launch roadmap below for more details.

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looks really good

hope it's out just before my birthday :lipbite:


Really Another mech world game ??