Nightingale Kicks off Registrations for Stress Test Slated for 2024

Developer Inflexion Games has kicked off registrations for the upcoming stress tests for survival game Nightingale. The tests, slated for early 2024, can be signed up for through the Steam page for Nightingale.

As part of the stress test, the studio is looking to test its infrastructure for the game’s impending Early Access launch. According to the announcement of the stress test from back in November, the studio will get valuable information regardless of what happens to players as they try to play the game during the stress test.

The studio hasn’t yet announced proper dates and times for the Nightingale stress test, aside from a January window.

Nightingale is slated to hit Steam Early Access on February 22. The game was originally set for a Fall 2023 release before being delayed into 2024. Originally unveiled back in 2021, Nightingale has seen quite a few videos and trailers, like the studio’s inspiration in making the game.

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does look so good. we will see more trailers we hope before release


Never heard of it. The character customization looks done pretty well