Windows 11 gets its biggest influx of Steam users ever

It’s been over two years since Windows 11 arrived on the scene, and the operating system has slowly but surely grown in its prevalence since then. Now, it seems the gap between Microsoft’s latest OS and Windows 10 has narrowed significantly, following the biggest increase in adoption among Steam users ever.

Here at PCGamesN, we’ve been using Windows 11 as part of our test suites for the graphics cards and other components for some time now. Speaking personally, I’ve also been using the operating system in my personal rig more or less since release. It’s not a massive departure from Windows 10 and there are still some kinks to iron out, even now, but it’s by and large easy to recommend versus Microsoft’s older OS.

It appears more Steam users are starting to agree as the months go by, with the Steam Hardware Survey showing an 11.51% jump in Windows 11 adoption. This is the biggest increase since the OS hit the market, putting the total market share at 42.04%.

Naturally, this isn’t a big enough percentage to knock Windows 10 from its throne, which is currently installed on 53.53% of all PCs running Steam. However, it certainly feels like a case of when rather than if Windows 11 will eventually be the dominant operating system.

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geez, win 11 is getting some serious usage from the steam players


Ya im super happy I finally got win 11 it's so much better !