Large Number of Legit PSN Accounts Randomly Banned by Sony

A large number of legitimate players have been slapped with a permanent PSN account ban by Sony, and players are scrambling to figure out why. Reports first emerged last night, with frustrated players complaining that Sony’s support agents are being unhelpful as usual. However, rest assured, the issue seems to be on PlayStation Network’s backend.

Sites like Reddit, ResetEra, and Twitter are full of complaints from players who received a message stating, “This account is permanently suspended from PlayStation Network due to violations of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement.” Sony’s support agents initially pinned the blame on concerned players, basically telling them that they are out of luck because they must have done something to earn the ban.

However, when more reports started flooding the internet, some players claimed to have been told that there’s currently an issue with PlayStation Network and Sony’s engineers are working to resolve the problem. Sony hasn’t officially confirmed or denied anything and has yet to acknowledge the issue.

In the meanwhile, a number of players are holding off from logging into their PS5 and PS4 consoles out of the fear of being banned.

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geez, I'm posting 4 days after this article

I haven't signed into my account on my PS4/5 for like 2 weeks now,
but I have signed into my account online via web and ps app

it's gotta be those COD games players are getting banned for


My PSN account has been inactive for awhile so I guess I don't need to worry about this, lol.


Ya a very large number and also not just a ban it was a false perm ban on everyone. I was van for 3 days smh