Halo Infinite – Firefight: King of the Hill Trailer Touts 9 Maps, Boss

Over two years since its multiplayer launch, Firefight is finally available in 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite. Launching on December 5th with the latest update, Firefight: King of the Hill sees four players teaming together to survive against waves of the Banished. Check out the trailer below.

The difference between Firefight: King of the Hill and previous iterations is that enemies will try to capture a hill. Naturally, you want to stop them and hold the point, with a High-Value Target or Boss spawning after reaching a specific amount of progress. After capturing the hill and defeating the Boss Wave, you get to rest and resupply before venturing to another randomly selected hill.

You must capture at least three out of five hills in each match. There are nine maps to play on, three made by the community, and other changes like no lives (teammates can revive each other).

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this will keep the players entertained for another few months


Well at least there putting more an effort into it now