Resident Evil 4 Remake is Getting a Gold Edition Release

Usually when Capcom releases post-launch DLC for its Resident Evil titles, it also goes on to release Gold Editions for those games that includes that DLC as well, with the likes of Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 7, and Resident Evil Village all having received that treatment. Next in line, it seems, is its acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 4.

A listing for Resident Evil 4: Gold Edition has gone up on Metacritic (via @pl_evil on Twitter), even though Capcom has yet to officially announce said re-release for the remake. You can view a screenshot of the listing below.

As per the listing, it will launch on February 9 next year, which, if accurate, should mean that an announcement won’t be too far away. Presumably, the Gold Edition will include the remake itself, as well as its expansion, Separate Ways.

The listing currently only lists PS5 and PS4 as the platforms the re-release will be available on, but logically, if the edition is real, Capcom will likely release it for Xbox Series X/S and PC as well.

Resident Evil 4 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PC.

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every game should have a gold edition fr


Can't stand when they do Bs like this just to grab more money off silly people